Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cultural Experience

The other day I had a dream. In my dream I rode around in a US Army ambulance through the green hills of Pakistan. I noticed that none of the buildings had windows, but inside there were lots of excited men in suits yelling at computer screens.
Well today I decided to go and learn about Pakistan for myself. I found their tourism webpage and poked around a bit. I downloaded their tourism video and here is what I learned:

Pakistan is indeed green, but I didn't seen any Army ambulances.
Pakistanians like to dance. They also like to wear bright colors.
When Pakistanians dance, their preferred method is in lines.
There are lots of white birds in Pakistan.
They're very proud of their airplanes.
And, there aren't any computers in Pakistan, despite my dream.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I took my toothbrush to school today and brushed my teeth in physics class.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Someday I want to be known for a talent as unusual as the one in this video! For now all I can do is whistle. (In, out, and through my teeth no less!)

This is a YouTube video, so it may not be visible in some places.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sidewalk Preoccupations

I have something of an irregular tick. Every once in awhile (which is code for "often, but I won't admit it!") I'll get the idea stuck in my head that it's BAD to step on the lines in the sidewalk! I'll try to maintain the same walking speed and see how insignificantly I can adjust my pace so I won't hit any cracks. If I do hit any cracks, then I have to step on the next crack with the same spot on the opposite foot - and it has to feel the same through my shoe. I've always been amused by this little game, despite occasionally getting carried away and most likely looking very odd! Well, fall has made it worse. I now feel the need to step on every crunchy leaf I see. Yet, owing to the great multitude of sidewalk travelers there is a surprising dearth of crunchy leaves. What I'll often think will be the perfect crunchy leaf turns out to be used up by all the other crunchy-leaf-smashers out there! This only makes me more determined. So here I am, most likely late for class, running up the gigantic hill to campus, probably out of breath, yet with all of my thought going into avoiding the cracks on the sidewalk and trying to find those elusive crunchy leaves. Perhaps it's odd that I get so much pleasure out of this. Maybe I should listen to my iPod more...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zion in the Midst of Babylon

This is a neat picture of the Washington DC Temple as seen from the Capital Beltway. I like to pretend the title is "Zion in the Midst of Babylon." It's borrowed from


This morning as I walked up to campus I saw a very strange man walk by wearing a tuxedo, bow tie, and a black top hat. I thought to my typically morning-negative self, "How strange, that man is very strange, why is he so strange? Where does he get the idea that a top hat is cool? He looks funny, I wonder if he realizes how funny he looks. What a strange place this is." And I proceeded to class without thinking about it again. Then, clearing the alleyway between the JSB and the BNSN building and entering the quad, I suddenly saw multiple persons dressed in odd fashions. Then it dawned on me, today was Halloween!

Highlights of the day include:
The BYU Vending Services gave out free sandwiches for Halloween.
I saw two power rangers duking it out dramatic-style in front of the JFSB.
I dressed up as the state of Nevada (to celebrate Nevada day, of course!).
And I began this blog.

Look! A Real Blog!

This is the beginning of my blog, how nice! A year ago I had never even heard of a blog.