Monday, July 11, 2011

German Observations

Here are a few observations I have about Germany:

Things I Like
  • Bakeries - There are tons of them and they're uber delicious. They have this cream monstrosity that is oh-so-yummy it makes me want to go into convulsions and die.
  • Ivy - It's everywhere and is really pretty. (Not the poison variety!)
  • Cobblestones - Quaint and practical (but reportedly difficult to walk on in heels). Because cobblestone streets are just a bunch of little pieces you can put back together, after they tear up a cobblestone street for sewer work it looks like nothing ever happened! Cobblestone streets are also viscous, so they'll move to adapt to changing ground levels.
  • Consonants - It seems like speaking Deutsche is hard work - so many consonants! Their mouth is going crazy. Fun to listen to, watch out for spit.
  • Universal Functional Windows - They're all the same and swing open wide, or pop open at the top. (No screens though.)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What was I thinking about just now?: Ode to Nickolas Pickolas

My first wife published a review of my personality on her blog. Enjoy:

Ode to Nickolas Pickolas: "Well, today my Old Man got even older. That's right friends, Nickolas Pickolas has reached the ripe old age of six and twenty. In honor of..."
*Jenna is my first, current, and only wife.