Thursday, June 24, 2010

US National Debt

The total U.S. national debt for June 23, 2010 was: $13,041,849,923,645.94.
(That's thirteen trillion, forty-one billion, eight hundred and forty-nine million, nine hundred and twenty-three thousand, six hundred and forty-five dollars and ninety-four cents. phew!)

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(The total national debt is tabulated each day for the previous day.)

These numbers are taken from the public treasury website,

The following is a graph of the total national debt from 4 January, 1993 to 23 June, 2010. I've left out all context with the exception of the terms of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

If these data bother you at all, may I suggest making a contribution to the federal government? Just click here to donate to the "Gifts to Reduce the Public Debt" account. No joke, try it! It's for reals; Last year $3,063,057.05 was donated to relieve the public debt.

Why on earth did I do this? I was looking up the value of my savings bonds and started exploring the treasury website. I saw the link for "Debt to the Penny" and couldn't resist. I also love graphs. And I love data. And I'm getting rather tired of all the huffaw about spending - in my opinion no one cares about deficit spending until it's the other party doing the spending! Take that for what it's worth.