Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pythagorean Theorem - Reprise

I have a counter that tracks how many visitors come to my blog, the city they're from, and how long they spend reading, among other things. It's all pretty generic information but it gives me a fun activity to look and see who's reading. An interesting trend started popping up a few months ago and I have finally tracked down its cause. Check out some of this data:

Visit Length of Unique Visitors

"Now Self," I asked myself, "Why are so many people visiting your blog for less than 5 seconds? Don't they like your blog? Don't they find it incredibly interesting? What are you doing wrong!?"

Well myself decided to find out what was going on. Here's the answer:

Entry Page of Unique Visitors

Fifty percent of unique visitors to my blog are entering the site on the Pythagorean Theorem entry and most of these people stay for less than five seconds!

Granted, the Pythagorean Theorem entry is quite short, but it takes a little longer than five seconds to read it.

"Self," I asked, "What on earth are all these people doing?" Myself replied by doing a Google image search for "pythagoras," and lo-and-behold my blog - my little ramblings and amblings - came up ninth, NINTH! Try it for yourself! (Or just click here.) Isn't that neat? Who woulda thought I'd be famous. Wow.

Kinda makes me think I should put a real proof up...


Sean said...

A site hit tracker only gets data when a user loads a page. So if a user loads one page of your site, and doesn't go anywhere else, the tracker can't know how long they spent looking at that page, so they record the visit length as 0 seconds, even though the user could have spent an hour looking at it and then closed the browser.

Nickolas Pickolas said...

That explains so much...