Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zion Afar

Zion afar begs us to rise
To resume
To push on
to come to her gates.

Our hearts would rejoice
upon seeing her face.
So fair
so pure
we long to be there.

The world drags us down
it pulls at our feet.
Distracting our eyes
haunting our sleep.

Babylon is calling
the drums are so loud!
It lures us
It taunts us.

So many travel there.

We stand here between
the mountain and the gulf.
Zion afar,
Babylon so close.

Our hearts yearn for freedom!
Our bodies beg for pleasure.
Our feet fear the journey.
Our souls long for home.

The sun has come out!
A break in the storm.
Afar, on the hill
the gleaming city – our home.

Zion afar calls us.
She begs us to rise.
To resume
To push on
To enter to her gates.

The distance to home
doesn’t seem so far.
Perhaps possible
Perhaps passable,

To Zion we will go.

But the drums from below
echo up to our ears!
The cries of the crowd.
The jeers of our peers.

The path is so steep!
The way is so far!
Yet Zion is calling.
Our friend, our love.

Our heads may sway
our legs may grow weak
but it's Zion we desire!
To Zion, we will go.

Our heart pulls us up
away from the din.
Their cries are so loud!
Yet we do not belong.

Our home is up there
Where the air is so sweet!
Where the light is so pure.
Where our friends wait to greet.

Our friends – true friends
Live inside of her gate.

Still behind us the pit,
the tumult so deep.
Above us the hills,
the land so sweet.

Our hearts, so impure,
still long for repose.
To Zion
...To Jesus
He’ll show us life there.

By Nicholas Herrick


xister said...

That's a great poem. Where did you come across it?

Nickolas Pickolas said...

My brain :-)

Alisha said...

beautiful. makes me think we're sitting around a campfire high in the mountain peaks, looking at the stars. we've just sung some hymns and there's that moment when life makes sense. the moment when you know you can make it and wonder why you stumble most days. i love that kind of peace. thanks nick.

xister said...

Wow. Good work. You should put it to music or something. I was going to say you should have a music composition major do it, but then they probably write it for 2 sopranos, 3 violins, 1/2 a cello and 6 broken coffee mugs.

Nickolas Pickolas said...

Haha, I'll pass on the typical "Hey I wrote a poem! I'm going to give it a nauseating melody and perform it in church!" dealeo. And besides, I don't drink coffee.

JB said...

The poem is great, Nick. I especially appreciate the sentiment, of course. And it has a little feel of the 'Psalm of Nephi' in it (2 Ne...4 is it?)