Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Storming the Brain

I'd like to write a new planetarium show. My previous show, The Universe Near and Far, seems to have been a success. People almost unanimously love it and I've been asked twice to present it to special VIP planetarium crowds.

But, that show was written as a group - me and two friends. You see, I want to write a show that's completely mine, but I can't seem to decide what to do it on!

So here's a few ideas I came up with the other day. I'm interested in seeing which of these you like. I have three basic show ideas, but I can always mix and match if you like elements from different suggested shows. If you don't know what some of this stuff is, then just assume it's really cool because I'm not going to have anything lame and boring in my planetarium show.

Science Fiction and Science Fact – What a strange place we live in!
Science Fiction
Science Fact
Science Unknowns
The future…

Physics in space

no sound
explosions yes
laser beams “instantaneous”
inertia! Pesky inertia.
speed and traveling the distances
tachyons, transporters, tractor beams, force fields, holo-decks, replicators, subspace, and other mostly unrealistic Star Trek technologies

Huge Science Fiction (perhaps science future?)
Dyson spheres
Interstellar travel STL (slower than light)
Interstellar communication
Extra-solar colonization
moving through the 4th dimension

Strange Universe (Facts)
special and general relativity - 4 spatial dimensions
black holes
drake equation

Astronomical and Physical Mysteries
basic assumptions of cosmology
- physical constants
- homogeneous and isotropic universe
dark matter/dark energy
future of the universe – shape of universe
magnetic monopoles
anti-matter distribution
gravitational waves
Higgs boson
extragalactic GRBs
grand unification theory

Man’s place in the universe
God is not just the god of this world
“Worlds without number have I created”
The amazing fact that life even exists – let alone us!
The creation – from beginning to end

Movie: Scaled zooming from the milky way all the way to the planetarium

The Creation – How we and everything we’re made of got here
Big Bang
Formation of galaxies
strange early universe phenomena
giant black holes
formation of stars
stellar evolution
system formation
earth’s formation
- habitability zone
- the moon
- tides
- meteoroid shield
- rotational tilt
life (woah!)

Aliens and such

Drake equation – an equation predicting extra-terrestrial intelligent life
Size of the universe

What is all this astronomy stuff?
So, you don’t know a thing about astronomy…
Why astronomy is as cool as it is.
Why we should care.

What is?
- the universe
- galaxies
- stars
- nebulae
- planets
- constellations

Life? What the heck?

Weird but True!
black holes

Where are we in all this?
Why should we care?
Something dramatic.

A coronal mass ejection in false color
A coronal mass ejection in false color.

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xister said...

These are fun. I like how each time you mention life, it is followed up with some sort of exclamation such as "Woah."

I think that out of the three here, I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. I like the Astronomical and Physical Mystery section from the first one, the Creation sequence of the second one, and the general idea of the third.

If you were to mix and match, I think that you should combine explosions, with tides, with constellations.