Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Parsecs and Eons

I made a startling discovery yesterday. For the sake of non-physics types, I will define a few terms.

1 parsec is equal to 3.26 lightyears or 3.1 x 10^16 meters.
1 eon, as used in astronomic and geologic terms, is equal to one billion years.
The International Standard (SI) unit for speed is meters/second (m/s).
(Just think about distance traveled/time it took to travel, or miles/hour - that's your speed. If you say "I'm traveling in some direction at that speed", than you've also defined your velocity.)

Here it comes, are you ready?

Woah!! Coooolnes!


Matt said...

Shouldn't that be an "approximately equal to"?

Nickolas Pickolas said...

When dealing with PARSECS and EONS, isn't there going to be a little bit of uncertainty? I mean, how precise is our definition of a parsec? Or, for that matter, our definition of a second (a lot of seconds makes a billions years - so a tiny error makes a big deal). And even if those two definitions are exact (right.), then a parsec/eon is equal 0.977 m/s, which I feel perfectly comfortable rounding up. :-)