Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interactive Interwebs

So, facebook has this chain going around asking people to list 25 random things about themselves. I was enjoying reading my friends' lists, so I figured I'd make my own! This is perhaps the first cool chain letter I've ever seen... Perhaps the interwebs are evolving into a more intelligent and sophisticated medium?

On second thought, no way. As evidence of the ridiculousness of the interwebs, I cite the following:

So, although the interwebs are as silly as ever, I will indulge this particular chain letter for the purpose of aggrandizing myself in the eyes of the watching world.

25 Random Things About Me
  1. I love to sing, but only in choirs and when I’m by myself. Every other setting disturbs me.
  2. I am a Mormon, and a Democrat, and a scientist. Woah.
  3. As a little boy I danced ballet for 3 years.
  4. My telescope is bigger than your head. My next telescope will be bigger than you. My dream telescope will be bigger than your mom.
  5. I have been to every state except for Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Alaska, and Hawaii.
  6. One of my pet peeves is that I hate having to bring stuff in from the car.
  7. I have a dancing cactus named Carlos that has gone everywhere with me since my freshman year of high school.
  8. One of my favoritest things to do is aluminum machining.
  9. I like astronomy, but can’t stand the thought of doing it for a living.
  10. My secret desire when I grow up is to have a huge garage with every tool imaginable and to invent stuff. Kinda like Ironman, or Batman.
  11. I got a 35/36 on the English section of the ACT, and only a 26/36 on the science section – yet I am a science major. Go figure.
  12. I used to be a demon on the dance floor – until I went on my mission. Now dances bore me.
  13. I listen to choral music incessantly – almost exclusively.
  14. I have lived in six states and two provinces.
  15. Sometimes I act in stage plays – but only comedies.
  16. I still want to go to Space Camp.
  17. I have not had a girlfriend in 5 years.
  18. I have a beard. At BYU.
  19. I have a habit of buying interesting books, and then never reading them.
  20. I’m a co-author on a recent physics publication in a major peer-reviewed journal.
  21. I still have dreams about my favorite cat Moose, who died four years ago.
  22. I got a car for Christmas once. It cost $200 and lasted almost two years.
  23. I read online articles incessantly – about anything and everything. Aren’t the interwebs great?
  24. I like hubcaps.
  25. My idea of paradise is sitting under a waterfall on a sunny day. With a pretty girl in the near vicinity. And a picnic lunch. And no time constraints. And finding a really big crayfish. And tadpoles.

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