Sunday, November 18, 2007


Someday I want to be known for a talent as unusual as the one in this video! For now all I can do is whistle. (In, out, and through my teeth no less!)

This is a YouTube video, so it may not be visible in some places.


B-Rob said...

I must say that is the most amazing and tantalizing talent I've seen in a while...

Bran Muffin said...

Here's what I know about talents.
No one is unable to do anything.
No one is able to do everything.
Some people are good at nothing noteworthy.
Others are good and nothing unnoteworthy.

I can't whistle.

xister said...

I don't think that's it's real. There is only ever one ball hitting the piano at a time, but you hear two notes playing at times.