Thursday, November 1, 2007


This morning as I walked up to campus I saw a very strange man walk by wearing a tuxedo, bow tie, and a black top hat. I thought to my typically morning-negative self, "How strange, that man is very strange, why is he so strange? Where does he get the idea that a top hat is cool? He looks funny, I wonder if he realizes how funny he looks. What a strange place this is." And I proceeded to class without thinking about it again. Then, clearing the alleyway between the JSB and the BNSN building and entering the quad, I suddenly saw multiple persons dressed in odd fashions. Then it dawned on me, today was Halloween!

Highlights of the day include:
The BYU Vending Services gave out free sandwiches for Halloween.
I saw two power rangers duking it out dramatic-style in front of the JFSB.
I dressed up as the state of Nevada (to celebrate Nevada day, of course!).
And I began this blog.

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