Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog Facelift

You may have noticed that I've changed the template for this blog. I had a pretty great template before, but because it was from an external website and was written substantially in javascript, I had very little control over it. Several components were broken and I didn't have the ability to fix them.

The reason I originally went to that system was because the Blogger templates I had been using didn't allow enough customization even though everything worked seamlessly. Well Blogger has released a new custom template system which gives me the level of customization I want while making sure everything functions correctly.

Of course, it could just be artistic boredom and these are excuses.

1 comment:

B-Rob said...

I've been thinking of giving mine a facelift recently, too...

I am half tempted to go crazy and build my own blogging site and leave blogger behind, but it's kind of nice using google's tools.

They can do my soul searching for me.