Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adventure Peeing

A discussion that comes up sometimes in male social circles is the notion of adventurous places one has urinated. Off a cliff, straddling the continental divide, on an exotic bush - you get the picture. These stories form something of a male birth right - to be a real man you have to have peed in (or on) some wicked cool places.

Well finally there is a way for the gentler (and less crude) gender to experience the thrill of adventure urination!

This is a picture of the new single-arch bridge being constructed at the Hoover dam, on the border of Nevada and Arizona. You can see the construction workers joining the last bit of the arch, after which the suspension cables will be removed allowing the arch to carry the full load of the future roadway.

Now look closely, what do you see? Four magnificent, glistening porta-potties!

People of the female persuasion, welcome to the world of adventure peeing.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

some of us compare exotic places of nursing...it's like the mommy's club equivalent of male urination boasting.