Monday, March 30, 2009

BYU Singers

Brigham Young University Singers is my favorite musical group in the world. (Here's what I've written about them before.) They're getting fancier and fancier! They recently released this impressive promotional video for their latest concert. I hope hope hope hope to be in the Singers someday (next year??). I listen to their music incessantly! In fact, the only available tenor spot was taken by my friend Steve, who, if you watch the video, is the blonde guy with the part in his hair talking about personification of something or other. :-( He's a great guy though, and my time will come.

You can listen to some of their works below on my listening application, but I encourage you most of all to buy some of their fantastic CDs at

Leonardo Dreams from BYU Singers on Vimeo.


Rachel said...

they're a lot smaller than I tought they were, as a group that is...not individually.

H. L. Burkholder said...

Yeah, I think I got them confused with the Tabernacle Choir or something. Sorry, Nick... my mormon trivia needs some brushing up. We should hang out more.

Thanks for the vid. anyway. I'm a huge fan of Whitaker after singing Sleep and the Five Hebrew Love Songs at Berea. Gorgeous. And this group does it so well!