Monday, November 24, 2008

Social Awkwardness, part 14

As I was walking across campus today, I had an interesting social revelation. I passed by a girl that I 'kind of' know, meaning, we've met a few times, said hi a few times, but whose name I cannot remember. I noticed her just before we began to pass each other and I smiled and said hey under my breath. She must be more socially mature, because she quickly responded, "Hey! What's goin' on?" To which I replied, with no thought whatsoever, "Good."

Because we were both walking in opposite directions the conversation was (luckily) over.

The awkwardness was purely a personal experience.

From the ashes of a blown-conversation came forth my most recent social revelation.

We love asking meaningless questions, and we love responding with meaningless answers, but if you happen to respond to a meaningless question with the wrong meaningless answer, then you have committed a serious social faux pas.

How odd.

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Alisha said...

very nice. it seems like i did an experiment with that when i was a zoobie. i answered anyone who asked me, "hey, how are you?" with some irrelevant response. you know, like, "nothing". it was very funny to realize that nobody is really thinking when they pass each other on campus. or at least, not thinking about interacting, just the next test, or what's for lunch. :)