Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Google chat with Brennan today:

3:35 PM me: I have a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!
3:38 PM Brennan: You have a girlfriend??????
Are you crazy?
3:39 PM
me:I've been dating a girl
I'm so happy!!!!!
Brennan: Which one is that...
me: I haven't told you about her
cause I was a little nervous
but today it all worked out!
Brennan: Who is it?
me: yay!!!
Brennan: Yay!!!!!!
me: first one since my mission
Brennan: So details?
3:40 PM me: she has brown hair, is slightly shorter than me, sings really well, and is a nursing major
3:44 PM Brennan: oh how nice
3:45 PM me: April
Brennan: that's a nice name
me: last name: FOOLS!!!!!!!!
Brennan: oh, you're not very nice
me: hee hee hee
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Bran Muffin said...

That wasn't a very nice joke to play on your friend. You should know that he thinks very highly of relationships, and he really, really, really wants you to be in one because you are super cool. So, when you lift him up and then drop him down. Well, it just isn't nice.

singingal said...

Nickolas! That's so mean! Hmmm, I think you should work on being nicer to Bran because I really like him.

Dustin said...

That was awesome. Trust me, they like you BECAUSE you do stuff like this.